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Gopalbhog Mango

The Gopalbhog mango is a variety of mango that grows in Bangladesh. It is one of the most popular mangoes in Bangladesh and also exports to other countries. It knows for its sweetness and has a light yellow color. One of the most popular varieties of mangoes in Bengal is the Gopalbhog mango. The fruit is large, oval-shaped and has a greenish-yellow skin. It is orange-color, soft and juicy for the flesh of the mango. So it has a sweet aromatic flavor and is usually eaten ripe.

These mangoes are available from June to August. Almost it uses to make aam pora (mango leather), a popular Bengali snack. The fruit also use to make mango pickles and chutneys. It is also a popular ingredient in Bengali Sweets and desserts.

The Gopalbhog Mango is a variety of mango native to Bangladesh.

It name from the Hindu god Krishna who told to have fond of this type of mango and has a sweet  creamy flavor and sometimes uses in desserts and juices.

Some health benefits for human body are as follows:

1. Full with nutrients.
2. Low in calories.
3. May help prevent diabetes.
4. High in healthy plant compounds.
5. Contains immune-boosting nutrients.
6. Supports heart health.
7. May improve digestive health.
8. May support eye health.
9. It may help lower human risk of certain cancers.
10. Versatile and easy to add to our diet.

Gopalbhog mango is a delicious, sweet and nutritious fruit. It is very sweet taste with strong aroma and is a great source of vitamins A and C, as well as fiber and potassium. It is a versatile fruit that can eat fresh, uses in cooking or makes into juice.


Gopalbhog Mango

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