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Mineral water is a water. We get it from a mineral spring that contains various minerals, as salts and sulfur compounds. Carbonated water can have a therapeutic effect on the body and often uses in treating digestive disorders and skin problems.

The high mineral content of tonic water have a positive effect on the immune system. In addition, the minerals in bottled water helps to regulate body temperature, blood pressure, and the body’s metabolism.

While there are many benefits to drinking bottled water, it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for regular water. The best way to stay hydrated is to drink a combination of both regular water and tonic water.

A lot of people think that carbonated water is simply water that contains a high concentration of minerals. There is actually a process that water must go through to be officially called “mineral water”.

In order for water to classify and market as designer water, it must  source from a natural underground water spring and bottled at the source. Additionally, the water contains a minimum concentration of minerals and not subject to any sort of further treatment.

Water is very essential to our health. It makes up over 60% of our body weight and plays a vital role in everything from flushing toxins from our system to helping us stay hydrated and energized. But not all water creates  equal. In fact, bottled water offers a number of unique benefits that make it worth seeking out.

Carbonated water is a great source of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Which are important for bone health, blood pressure regulation, and a whole host of other bodily functions.

Additionally, the presence of these minerals makes mineral water more alkaline than regular water, which can help offset the acidic effects of a high-protein diet or excessive coffee consumption.

Bottled water can also help improve digestive regularity and add welcome relief for those suffering from gastrointestinal issues like constipation or diarrhea. So if we look to up our water game, don’t overlook the benefits of tonic water.

The health benefits of mineral water are well-documented. If we look for a natural way to improve our health, bottled water is definitely worth a try.

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