Misti Kumra Full (Pumpkin)

Pumpkins are a type of squash, which range from winter squash to summer squash. Most edible squashes have their own unique properties. they all have high fiber content and contain various minerals and vitamins. The results showed that high doses of vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene had links to a significantly reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration.

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Misti Kumra Full (Pumpkin)

Pumpkin is an orange-hued squash that belongs to the gourd family. The versatile fruit can use in sweet or savory dishes, and its seeds can be roasted as a nutritious snack. A pumpkin is a cultivar of winter squash that is round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and is most often deep yellow to orange in coloration. The thick shell contains the seeds and pulp. Pumpkin is a plump, nutritious orange vegetable and a highly nutrient dense food. Misti Kumra is a great source of vitamin A, potassium, and beta-carotene. Pumpkins contain a wealth of antioxidants. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene support eye health and prevent degenerative damage in older adults. Pumpkins have a long history, and their symbols have been found in many cultures around the world.

Pumpkins may seem like a key ingredient to only fall and winter recipes, such as pies and soups. However, this fruit (yes, pumpkin is a fruit!) is quite versatile and can use in sweet and savory dishes alike. Keep reading for some interesting pumpkin facts and recipe ideas that will have us rethinking this humble gourd. Pumpkin is a popular food all over the world. It usually bakes, roast, or made into soup. That is a good source of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, pumpkin is incredibly healthy. It’s low calorie content makes it a weight-loss-friendly food. Pumpkin nutrients and antioxidants may boost our immune system, protect our eyesight, lower our risk of certain cancers and promote heart and skin health.

Nutritional Values:

  • 1.76 g of protein
  • 2.7 g of fiber
  • 49 calories (kcal)
  • 0.17 g of fat
  • 0 g of cholesterol
  • 12 g of carbohydrate

Pumpkin also provides a range of essential vitamins and minerals, including:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • riboflavin
  • potassium
  • copper
  • manganese
  • thiamin
  • vitamin B-6
  • folate
  • pantothenic acid
  • niacin
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus

Health Benefits

  • Beta Carotene Boost. 1/11. Just like their orange cousins, the carrot and the sweet potato, pumpkins are rich in beta carotene
  • Sharpen our sight. 2/11
  • Curb our cancer risk. 3/11
  • Boost our immunity. 4/11
  • Help hypertension. 5/11
  • Potassium plenty. 6/11
  • Trim our tummy. 7/11
  • Sleep More Soundly. 8/11

Pumpkin is not only a delicious ingredient in pies, cookies, and other desserts, but it is also a nutritious food that is full with vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin is a good source of fiber, which can help to regulate digestion, and it also contains carotenoids, which are important for eye health. Everyone can enjoy it in many different ways and it is a great food to include in our diet.

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