Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of Bangladesh Biponee that provides an online platform for Bangladeshis to buy and sell products and services. It founded in 2019 and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Terms and conditions The website offers a wide range of categories including Grocery, electronics, fashion, Health & beauty, Toys & kids, Sports & Outdoors and more. It also provides a convenient way for users.

Agreement to the terms and conditions

By accessing and using the site, including placing orders of products through the site, everyone agree that they will be subject to and will comply with these terms and conditions

(a) By completing their registration through the site; and

(b) Using the site to obtain products from us.

(c) Receiving transactional and promotional notifications from us.

Terms and conditions


We must complete the customer registration process through the site before placing an order for products through the site.

We may not have more than one active account and our account is non-transferable. They may update, edit or terminate their account at any time through the site. You may not have more than two accounts per delivery address.

If you choose to use a workplace email address for your account or to access the site, then you are solely responsible for ensuring that you comply with the rules, policies or protocols that apply to the use of your email address and your workplace facilities.

Placing an Order for Products

You may order products by selecting and submitting your order through the site.

Any order placed through this site for a product is an offer by you to purchase the particular product for the price notified (including the delivery and other charges and taxes) at the time you place the order.

We may ask you to provide additional details or require you to confirm your details to enable us to process any orders placed through the site.

You agree to provide us with current, complete and accurate details when asked to do so by the site.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to accept or reject your order for any reason, including if the requested product is not available if there is an error in the price or the product description posted on the site or an error in your order. Someone also reserve the right to cancel any order without giving any reason(s). We also have the right to suspend or remove a user account without giving any notice or justification to the user. We will keep every unverified order (both Cash on Delivery & Pick from Store) for 24 (Twenty Four) hours and make several attempts to verify. If there is no response, after that time the order will automatically cancel.

Delivery of Products

We will only deliver products ordered through the site to a location where we provide delivery services. You may obtain further information on the site about our delivery time frames and how we deliver your products.

We will deliver the products to the front door at the relevant delivery address. If you ask us to deliver inside a premise or building at the delivery address, our delivery concern persons’ are strictly instructed not to go inside or any place except the front door.

If you are not the person collecting your ordered items, then your representative must provide us with proof of their identity. You acknowledge that we may record the details of any identification provided in relation to the collection of products.

Refund Policy

If you have made online pre-payment/card payment against your order, and there are product/s which is/are not available in stock, we will offer you product replacement options within the same price range. If for any reason, you decline to take product replacements, then the order will be cancelled and we will start the refund process. We also don’t process any partial refund.

Please make sure to make your refund request by calling our Customer Service on +8809611534634. (between 9 am – 9 pm every day). Bangladesh Biponee will retain full right over the refund payment medium, given that it reaches you the incorrect amount. The refund process will usually take approximately 28 banking days to complete from the refund request date. That means you will receive your refund within 21 banking days of conveying the refund request through our Customer Service helpline.

Perishable Product Price Policy

For all kinds of perishable products such as vegetables, meat. mutton, chicken, duck, turkey, fishes, eggs, milk, rice, etc. price and offers will vary based upon users specify selected locations, zone, area, locality. So it is advised to log in with your concerned location and check the offer price before check out to avoid any kind of confusion.

Product Promotions Policy

Please note that the delivery of promotional products or products with a special offer is subject to stock availability. If the product is out of stock, then we request you to replace it with another product which is in stock. You may also cancel the order if you want.

Basket Value Offer Policy

Basket Value Offer means if a user orders a certain purchase limit then the user will get a certain offer.

Terms and conditions

Basket Value (Certain Purchase Limit) offers are subject to a fixed number of coupon limit usage and campaign timeline availability.

Which means whenever a certain number of coupon limit or campaign timeline expires our coupon code will be expired automatically.

Again, if a certain number of coupons are used before the campaign timeline it will be expired automatically.

Basket Value Offer Limitation

All Basket Value Offer Can’t be activated for – any kind of oil products, Powder Milk, Tobacco products, Baby Foods and any kind of 3rd Party products (non grocery) Category.

Terms and conditions

Please be informed all the basket value (Certain Purchase Limit) offer is not applicable during Weekend offers and any special day offer durations.

Such as basket value offers are not active during Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays (weekend offer) and Super Saver Tuesdays.

Super Saver Tuesday offers can be for Dhaka or Chittagong or can be for both locations.

Free Product Offer Policy

If basket value (Certain Purchase Limit) meets a certain limit the user will enable a free product predetermined by the system itself.

This free product offer also follows the same modality as the basket value offer policy. (see basket value policy)

Free Delivery Disclaimer

To avail free delivery service without Cash on Delivery options you need to have minimum basket value which applicable in the campaign timeline. This will only be applicable when free delivery promotion will be offered. 

Bangladesh Biponee Flash Sales

Bangladesh Biponee flash sales will be for a particular set of products. This product discounts will be aggressive and the timeline will vary upon stock availability. If a particular product is sold out before the timeline, then re-order of that product discount will not be active. This flash sales offer will be for a specific location.

i.e.  7 UP 2 Liter soft drinks will be sold at 50% discount only at Krishi Ponner Paikari Bazar, Govt. Krishi Market, Mohammadpur Bangladesh Biponee delivery covering areas.

Customers will request order by calling Bangladesh Biponee Customer Service on +8809611534634 (between 9 am – 9 pm during the campaign timeline) based on customer request; the order will be generated.

Bangladesh Biponee Customer Support Agent will track and monitor stock for the campaign and update Krishi Ponner Paikari Bazar, Govt. Krishi Market, Mohammadpur Dark Store Supervisor accordingly. If Customer changes mind while delivery Krishi Ponner Paikari Bazar, Govt. Krishi Market, Mohammadpur Supervisor will notify CS agent instantly to update the stock. Whenever any product gets out of stock it must be updated by both CS agent and Krishi Ponner Paikari Bazar, Govt. Krishi Market, Mohammadpur supervisor to provide seamless customer experience to successfully execute this campaign.


Modality for Bangladesh BiponeeFlash Sales
  1. a)     Particular product limit will not applicable
  2. b)     Any Basket Value and Free Product Offer will not applicable
  3. c)     An Order will create only for flash sales products (as it’s a manual order process)
  4. d)     Payment Method: Only Cash on Delivery and Swipe Cards on Delivery available
  5. e)     For Request any product which is not in flash sales promotion User needs to place an order from Website
  6. f)      Flash sales offer can only activate for a 7 days’ or stock out whichever comes first
  7. g)     During the duration of the promotion, one registered mobile number can only avail this offer once per day
  8. a)     This offer cannot avail along with other partner offers such as cashback offers from bKash, Any Bank or Cards etc.
  9. i)      This offer can activate only for app, website or both channels Bangladesh Biponee Category Promotions 

Bangladesh Biponee Category promotion will for a particular set of products. The promotion can for free products and for basket value offer.

To avail any category promotion; customers’ needs to have respective category products in their cart to avail respective category offer.

This category product promotion will vary upon stock availability.

i.e. an order which has baby diapers products with certain basket value amount will get free product or basket value offer.

Modality for Bangladesh Biponee Category Promotions Policy

  1. a)     Both Bangladesh Biponee regular Basket Value and Free Product Offer will not be applicable for category promotion offer.
  2. b)     Customer can avail only one offer for an order either Bangladesh Biponee regular promotion offer or category promotion offer.
  3. c)     Customer can not avail both offers in a single order.
  4. d)     One registered mobile number need to create different order to avail different offer.
  5. e)     Only During the duration of the promotion, one registered mobile number can only avail each offer once per day.
  6. f)      This offer can available along with other partner offers such as cashback offers from any mobile wallet (bKash, Nagad etc.) Any Bank or Cards etc.
  7. g)     This offer can activate only for app, website or both channels .


All Offer Modality

During any promotions duration, one registered mobile number can only avail offer for once.

All Offers Can’t activate for – Tobacco products, Baby Foods,  any kind of 5 or 8 litre oil products and any kind of 3rd Party products (non grocery) Category.

All offers can availed along with other partner offers such as cashback offers any mobile wallets (bKash, Nagad etc.) and any Bank or Financial Institutions etc.

Bangladesh Biponee authority holds the exclusive rights for any product purchase limits or changes in any terms and policies any time.

Order Policy

There will order limits set for certain products to ensure every customer can avail of the necessary products for daily consumption. Bangladesh Biponee is not a marketplace for business to business (B2B) transactions. It instead an online shopping platform for personal consumption and usage. Thus, we highly discourage shopping with reselling or commercial motives.

Regarding Bangladesh Biponee Member Cards

Member Card is a property of the Bangladesh Biponee store and they can use to earn and redeem points only at physical stores.

Return Policy

The following are the terms and conditions for product returns:

  • Customers can return the grocery products within the same day from the purchase date; only if the defective product delivered.
  • Perishable products such as vegetables, meat. mutton, chicken, duck, turkey, fishes, eggs, milk, rice are not returnable after delivery which receives from the customer and accepts.
  • We encourage our customers to cross-check each and every item while the delivery man is present at your premises. Any claim regarding replacement or Return or Refund issue should be final before our delivery man during delivery time. After leaving your premises, Bangladesh Biponee authority will not liable for any future claim.
  • After customer consent or signature at the delivery slip; Bangladesh Biponee has the right to cancel any refund or return request.
  • Customers can return the products of Bangladesh Biponee within the same day from the purchase date.
  • Our customers can return the products such as Mobile, Kitchen appliance Laptop, Electronic gadgets within 7 days from purchase date.
  • Customers can return the Fashion appeal products such as Shari, Bags, Shoes within 3 days from the purchase date.
  • If a product found broken, unwrapped or used; then the customer must inform the Customer Service immediately after receiving it.
  • Fashion products can try on to see if they fit and will still consider unworn. If a product returns to us in an inadequate condition, we reserve the right to send it back to you.
  • For device-related issue, the warranty policy/ terms and conditions of the concerned company/brand/third party will be applicable. In this case, Bangladesh Biponee will have no liability.
  • The product must unused, unwashed and without any flaws.
  • Our items must include the original tags, user manual, warranty cards, freebies and/or accessories.
  • The product must return in the original and undamaged manufacturer packaging/box.  If the product delivered in the second layer of Bangladesh Biponee packaging, it must return in the same condition with the return shipping label attached.
  • We encourage our customers to cross-check each and every item while the delivery man is present at your premises, if the customer is not receiving the products then the responsible person who is receiving the product is responsible to give signature at the delivery slip.
  • If the product price and website price mismatch/excess price, we request you to notify us within 24 hours from the receiving time.
  • The customer must contact the Customer Service on +8809611534634. (between 9 am – 9 pm every day) for any kind of return if required.
  • Bangladesh Biponeehas all the rights to decide to give return or refund for any kind of request.

                                                                 Bangladesh Biponee Whole Sale

Bangladesh Biponee Whole Sale is B2B marketplace, where Retail business owners can purchase products at wholesale rate.


We are aiming to onboard more then 200+ top brands with more then 1000+ SKQ from where retailers can purchase bulk product at wholesale rate.


USP for Bangladesh Biponee Whole Sale 


  1. a) Get products at Whole Sale rate
  2. b) Get Product delivery at your door step
  3. c) Only Cash on delivery payment mode
  4. d) You can also order via Customer support on +8809611534634. (between 9 am – 9 pm every day).