Tang Orange Drink Powder 2 kg

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Tang Orange Drink Powder BIB 2kg

Tang Orange Drink Powder is very delicious citrusy taste and convenient powder form for human health. This undefined will revolutionize our beverage game. Whether we need a quick pick-me-up in the morning or a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. This undefined is the perfect solution. Get ready to experience a whole new level of refreshment with Orange Instant Drink Powder. We should not disappoint for lack of it. This revolutionary product offers an undefined burst of citrusy goodness like no other. Imagine the zesty tang of fresh oranges in every sip, ready to tantalize our taste buds.

Tang Orange Instant Drink Powder is the perfect solution for when we are craving something refreshing and delicious in a pinch. It is mixing just the powder with water and voila. We have a perfectly tangy and sweet orange drink ready to enjoy. Whether we on-the-go or just lounging at home, this drink is sure to hit the spot. Plus, it’s packing with vitamin C, making it a healthier alternative to sugary sodas or juices. Indulge in a glass of Orange Instant Drink Powder and treat our taste buds to a burst of citrusy goodness.

Nutritional Facts:

Serving one cup (100 grams) Orange Instant Drink Powder

Amount Per Serving                           Calories 1673.6kj    83.7kj

400kcal  20kcal  1%

Total Fat                                                                          0g      0%
Saturated Fat                                                                  0g      0%
Trans Fat                                                                         0g
Polyunsaturated Fat                                                      0g
Monounsaturated Fat                                                0.1g
Cholesterol                                                                   0mg    0%
Sodium                                                                        1mg      1%
Total Carbohydrates                                    100g         5g    2%
Dietary Fiber                                                    10g     0.5g     0%
Sugars                                                              80g         4g
Protein                                                                             0g       1%

Vitamin C                                                                                 83%

Vitamin D                                                                                 0%
Calcium                                                                                     1%
Iron                                                                                            1%

Vitamin B6                                                                               0%

Cobalamin                                                                                0%
Potassium                                                             200mg      5%
Magnesium                                                                             0%

Sodium                                                                     2g  0.1g  2%

In a world filled with endless beverage options, Tang Orange Instant Drink Powder stands out as a unique and satisfying choice. The undefined flavor profile of this drink powder offers a refreshing combination of citrusy orange with the robustness of tomatoes. With just a few scoops of powder and some cold water. We can enjoy a burst of flavor that will leave us feeling invigorated and satisfied. Whether we are on the go or simply looking for something different to quench our thirst. This drink powder is sure to become a staple in our kitchen. Embrace the undefined and try Orange Instant Drink Powder today.

Unique Health Benefits:
  • Tang Orange Instant Drink Powder have an anti-cancer potential
  • Works as an antioxidant
  • Protects the stomach
  • Works an effect against bacteria (anti-bacterial)
  • Helps to lower the blood sugar levels (anti-diabetic)
  • It helps to reduce allergic reactions (anti-allergic)
  • Helps to combat inflammation
  • It plays a role in immunity of the body (immunomodulation)
  • Assists a lipolytic (fat breakdown) action
  • It may have an effective against parasites (tiny creatures living in our body and causing harm to us)
  • Helps against bone resorption (dissolution of bone)
  • Helps to our cells against the harmful effects of radiation

Tang Orange Drink Powder makes hydration a breeze for enjoying a refreshing burst of citrus flavor that will quench our thirst in seconds.

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